Can Gum Disease Kill You. Tips To Protect Your Teeth

Can Gum Disease Kill You. Tips To Protect Your Teeth

You may have heard that gum disease can lead to heart problems or even death, but how realistic is this? When we think of life-threatening diseases, things like cancer or heart disease come to mind, but what about gum disease? What’s the link between gum disease and your life expectancy? Can gum disease kill you. Let’s take a look at tips to protect your teeth.

Avoid Smoking

Some people think that smoking has no effect on teeth, might be they don’t think that can gum disease kill them. Smoking has numerous negative effects on your body, including your teeth and mouth. It not only harms teeth but also contributes to gum disease. Smoking dries out your mouth, making you more susceptible to oral health issues. Smokers frequently suffer from weaker gums and tooth loss.

Smoking irritates and weakens your gum tissue, allowing germs and bacteria to enter and develop between your teeth and gums. Are you still thinking about Can gum disease kill you? The answer is yes!

It helps in weakens your immune system, making it more difficult to fight against gum infections. When you have gum disease, smoking makes it more difficult for your gums to recover and heal.

Smoking immediately destroys oral tissue, leaving your gums vulnerable to microbial infection. At the same time, it causes direct damage to your heart by increasing heart rate, tightening arteries, and creating an irregular heartbeat. Because it weakens the immune system, combating germs in your heart linings will be an almost impossible war to win.

Furthermore, smoking is not just terrible for your oral and cardiovascular health; it also harms your lungs and increases your chance of cancer. If you smoke, you should try to quit. You will not only save your teeth, heart, and immune system, but you will also avoid unpleasant breath.

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Focus On Symptoms

Some people are unaware of their gum disease. It is a gradual disease that could go untreated for years. It is like slow poison. Not only can you lose your teeth, but bacteria in your mouth can migrate to your inner body.

Some people lose their teeth at 30 years of their age due to undiagnosed gum disease. It is the most common cause of tooth loss, and if you have it, it may also be the cause of your death.

Here are the causes:

Smelly Breath

This may appear to be a simple symptom, but people frequently offering you gum may be a sign of poor breath, it is a clear sign of bacteria in your gums. Gum disease filthy breath is unmistakably unpleasant, and you may be conversing to family, friends, coworkers, or clients without realizing anything is incorrect.

Having Sensitive Teeth?

The gum area recedes as a result of gum disease, exposing the roots. Eating and brushing cause discomfort as a result of this experience.

Does mouth Tastes Bad?

An unpleasant odor may indicate bacterial or germ accumulation. It is frequently contrasted with the flavor of metal. You might have gum disease-related plaque and tartar. The inability to appreciate the natural flavor of your meal is one of the biggest discomforts.

Shrinking Gums?

Can gum disease kill you. Gum disease results in recession or receding gums, which can ultimately result in tooth loss due to bone loss. You will appear to have long teeth if you face gum recession.

Bleeding While Brushing?

Gum bleeding may indicate that you already have some gum disease or it may simply be irritation brought on by plaque and tartar. All these consequences could indicate gum disease, therefore bleeding should never be ignored. If you have this issue then you must visit a doctor.

You should not be reluctant to ask a dentist for assistance if you notice any of these warning signs of gum disease, even if it is preferable to avoid them altogether through prevention.

Wrapping Up

The best method to avoid developing gum disease and its potentially harmful implications is to maintain good oral hygiene and overall health. I hope you got the answer to your question Can gum disease kill you. Consume a healthy diet to reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Avoid smoking at all costs, and only occasionally or in moderation. Regular exercise will keep your circulatory system in top shape. Most crucial, make routine trips to the dentist and doctor.





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